My Cloud is constantly on offline?

I hav ebeen trying with WD company to resolve the issue and must say the guy i was dealing has been really good , he spend a lot of time and sharing to assist , we even share screen to try to resolved and was very hopeful to see a positive end but when finally everything was starting to b ein place an dworkin gI started to ling my Iphone to the machine to synchronise my pictures (main purpose of the machine to save me space in cloud and on my phone) after downloading 40% the machine started to hang and tried to reset so many time that after a while I let it run with blue light flashing but been now 3 weeks and nothing improved. I dont know if it is the upgrade to O5 or the pictures which kind of block the machine as for weeks I managed to make the machine run without the pictures synchronisation as soon as I started the pictures issue booom all gone. WD guy told me in few words nothing much he can do other than change which is not right as machine not very old and never used previously. Now looking at other option in market.

I got this issue last week. After couple months upgrade to OS5 with out any problem. I use both Twonky and Plex app. Today I will try to disable Twonky rescan as @Bennor said. If it’s not working, I will look for Synology replacement.

I found out. Plex run scheduled task for maintenance. Turn it of and NAS works. I change to Emby for my media server.

Hey todasson. I have been unable to even send the support my logs, they could not see them on the botttom of the support ticket. So i have been trying to get them to look at my logs since 8/11. Meanwhile I had to reboot the device with a smart plug every day to keep accessing my files. That caused a SMART error. I gave up, told them I don’t need any help now and bought a Synology. Good luck everybody with OS5!

Similar here. I updated to the os5 and have had nothing but problems. The drives go offline, say they’re failing, or that there is a volume issue. I reset, everything goes back to good and healthy.

Maybe they don’t understand the words that everyone is saying - the device is offline. Maybe a few other words to better understand the problem - It is not visible. It is not accessible. I cannot access the drive. The drive does not show up as a device in Windows Explorer. The WD Dashboard states “OFFLINE”.

I agree with you. I’ve had absolutely no problems for year while using OS3. I installed OS5 and now My Cloud is OFFLINE. Really? The drive suddenly crapped out or the OS screwed the drive up. I assume the later over the former. So instead of testing this internally, WD decided to test out this OS5 on the end users that purchased their drives and stored GBs and GBs of data. If and when I get my data off the My Cloud I am DUMPING ALL WD DRIVES THAT I HAVE. This is inexcusable!!