My Cloud is constantly on offline?

@nbj12 please ensure that you collect and attach the system logs to your support case and recommend enabling analytics.

How to Collect My Cloud System Logs

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My Cloud OS 5: Enable Analytics

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As requested

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Seems I cant send a zip file. Please advise

Login to the Support Portal and attach to your support case. * Contact Support

After removing the access to cloud it work great but cant save my files , have my time machine do its saving , … what the point having this device ??

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Well, many thanks to the people that been writing here. I am crazy with this issue with the past week, since i did the upgrade to OS5. The problem is the same of everyone else, the unit keeps disconnecting and unable to get access after a while. I will know raise a support ticket.
I am getting my info off, after read the solution of turning off the cloud access and already bought a Synology unit. After getting my info off, bye bye WD.
This is an unbelievable problem!