My Cloud Home. Password Protected Folders

Hi All, this is my first foray into WD information for my new Desktop.
How can I password protect a folder so only I can open it.
I’d like to leave most of the folders on my My Cloud accessible to my family.


User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

Hi Cat0w, thanks for the reply pointing me to the instruction manual.

That was my first action when I realised I didn’t know how to keep an individual folder confidential whilst leaving the rest of the data available to my family.

However, I cannot identify the relevant instruction.

I can see how to invite someone to access the My Cloud Home or save their data or change passwords. I realise my issue is probably one of language………. and of course that I’m quite old. So I need simple one syllable help.

I know you are using your own time to voluntarily help those of us who are ‘technically challenged’ and I’m grateful for that.

Can you let me have the relevant paragraph in the manual that will let me protect an individual folder.