My Cloud Home Duo ftp support?

Is ftp supported by/on My Cloud Home Duo? (I think it is supported by an app on My Cloud Mirror).

Hello Frank,

FTP Server is not supported on the My Cloud Home or Duo

Okay, then for my purposes the ‘old’ My Cloud Mirror seems to be the better choice. Am I right that My Cloud Mirror is not replaced by My Cloud Home Duo and that My Cloud Mirror is still sold and in service in parallel to the new My Cloud Home Duo?


My Cloud Home and My Cloud are separate product lines. The My Cloud Home Duo is not a replacement for the My Cloud Mirror

at the present time it’s still valid that ftp is not supported on the my cloud home duo?
i read that the firmware version 4.x it’s ok for ftp.

ftp is not a feature of My Cloud Home

but why?? maybe it will be in plans?

Wow! I just bought it and I was told by the sales guy is was a replacement, because of the faster processor and bigger RAM.
Apparently the configuration possibilities are very limited.
Any plans from WD to allow different partition types, like NTFS and APFS (for apple photo libraries) for instance?
Any plans to allow admin setting folder rights?
These changes would make many users happy…

I just bought My Cloud Home and just found that FTP is not supported. Why is the point of having a “new improved product” but with less features !?

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Correct I use 2 myCloud Old environment Gen1 & Gen2 since Gen1 does not support the upgrade I bought the new one . I was hoping that the new version would work the same way has the gen2 upgrade.

Now It again seems to be a new environment that have less functionalities. I am very surprised and disappointed. Is there a way to access my file directly for my brother printer to write to it?