My Cloud Home disconnecting regularly, the problem seems to be in WD Discovery (MacOs)


My Cloud Home disconnects regularly while I copying my music collection. This is very annoying because I need to restart the copying again and again to ensure my data is consistent or copy files with small portions.

I googled and read related topics on this here, but no, it doesn’t look like a router settings issue, wifi/LAN issue, etc. but it looks like a purely WD Discovery bug.

When I loose connection to WD MCH I actually lose it only for the volume connected with WD Discovery. At the same time the volume of WD MCH dedicated for backups (the one mapped as a network drive and containing only “TimeMachineBackup” folder) is still connected and functioning. Other network drives connected through the same router are work fine and never drop the connection.

To reconnect the drive I quite and restart “WD Discovery” app, that’s the only way I found so far, but this is very annoying…
Is there any better ideas how to fix it?

If anyone from WD reads this: do WD engineers aware of the issue (seems to be typical, many people seems to have similar issues) and can I hope for a sw update soon?