MY Cloud Home 8tb Shows Max Capacity as 6TB ? Help

I have recently installed a new 8TB Mycloud Home which I mainly use as a backup storage. I was just checking on a windows backup and I looked at the properties of the drive and it reports as only just over 6TB as the max capacity ? Can anyone help ? I can send pics if required


Hi @RAY3,

The Space Available does not include the My Cloud Home Operating System space which uses about ~200 GB of disk space.

Please refer to the formula and use the chart below to check the Space Available capacity of a new or system erased My Cloud Home.

Product Model Drive Bays My Cloud Home Capacity Usable Drive Storage (TB) Operating System Space Available (TB)
My Cloud Home WDBVXC0020HWT 1 2 1.819 ~200 GB 1.62
My Cloud Home WDBVXC0030HWT 1 3 2.728 ~200 GB 2.53
My Cloud Home WDBVXC0040HWT 1 4 3.638 ~200 GB 3.44
My Cloud Home WDBVXC0060HWT 1 6 5.457 ~200 GB 5.26
My Cloud Home WDBVXC0080HWT 1 8 7.276 ~200 GB 7.07

Hi Neha_07

Thanks very much for this all understood and now sorted.

Thanks again

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