My Cloud EX2 device hangs when copying files from My Book USB 3 I

Hi all,

I just installed my new My Cloud EX2 device and upgraded to the latest firmware. It is plugged into my wi-fi modem and it can be accessed via wifi and my Dell XPS laptop.

Now that i need to start transferring files to it from my My Book USB 3 I end up with this problem: once i select and drop files to transfer after a couple of minutes I can not longer access it via nor Windows Explorer.

The only option is to disconnect the My Book, force shut the My Cloud (isn’t there a power button?) and log off/on my computer.

Can someone advise? I am trying to find out on the forum post but I am not having much luck



Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

This happens when you have the USB drive connected to the USB port on the EX2 unit? Or also happens if the MYbook is connected to the computer and you try to copy to the EX2.

hi ArMak,

I just tried. With the WD 3TB USB drive connected to my laptop I can copy files onto the EX2 over the wireless.

However I get speed as low as 120 KB/sec, which is not ideal with almost 3TB of data to transfer.

It also impact on the overall wifi speed in the network.

Any suggestions on how to make it work when the USB drive is connected directly to the EX2?

Thank you


How are you connected to the network with your computer and the EX2 unit? this is a really slow speed.

Hello again,

My laptop is connected via wifi and sitting less than a meter from the modem (unfortunately the ethernet onthe laptop doesn’t work).

The EX2 is plugged via ethernet into the router.

The MyBook is connected to the laptop via USB.

Thank you


When you check on network status what speed is your WI FI working at? you should be able to see this when you go to network and sharing center, this is if you have a windows based computer of course.