My cloud dashboard download

How can I download the dashboard for a my cloud mirror gen2 device. The link on the wd site lets me download the software but my windows 10 laptop doesn’t find my device so I can’t proceed any further

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You cannot “download” the Dashboard. The Dashboard is the web interface one reaches with their web browser. One can download and install the WD My Cloud Desktop program however from this link. One can also use the WD Discovery Software and the WD My Cloud Setup for Windows to find and or initially setup/configure their My Cloud.

Further if one knows the IP address of their My Cloud, they can input that into their web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard.

Please note that there are ongoing issues with Windows 10 and the My Cloud. Please see the first thread in this subforum, link below, that lists several ways to solve some of those issues.

Also, it is recommended, if one hasn’t already done so, to read the WD My Cloud User Manual as it explains how to access the My Cloud, configure the My Cloud, and how to use the various features of the My Cloud.

I reach my MyCloud Dashboard throu the web browser. But as @Bennor pointed here the possibility to download an installer of the Dashboard I would like to clarify what is the difference between both possibilities to reach the dashboard? The one is web interface and the installer is a separate programm with its own UI? Or both look equal ?
I am a bit confused now.
Thanks for clarifying

You have resurrected (necro posted) to a 8 year old thread discussion. A lot has changed in those 8 years including WD removing and ending support for some of WD software mentioned back in a January 2016 posting.

Currently for the OS3 My Cloud one would use their web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard. The old software, which WD has long sinceremove, used to open a web browser to load the My Cloud Dashboard.

Wow, the installer is 60MB for only open the web browser?!