My Book World Eddition II never on stanby mode!


Is somebody can help me? My MBWEII never goes on standby mode. The white front light always goes up and down and I hear a “Clic-Clic” noise like it is working all the time.

Thank you.

Sounds like a hardware fault to me.  But I’ve never seen an MBWE-II, so ask someone who does know those machines.

as far as the setting in the gui, after how many minutes does it supposed to sleep? do you have anything running on it that dont allow it to sleep?

Stil go up and down and do the same thing when my computer is off and nobody in my home is on the network.

I have found what cause this. It was Mionet who goes on automaticaly. I set Mionet off in my configuration and My Book work fine now.

good work. i turned off mionet a long time ago also.

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is it really so hard to give complete answer to this problem and prepare fw update we need? There are lot of posts about this issue (with lot of tips from users).

It’s sure, issues with stand-by makes lifetime of our devices shorter - is it the goal? Shame.

Over one year have passed - maybe you are about to solve it?