MY BOOK USB 3.0 cable is NOT 1250MM as stated

I have two MY BOOK 4.0T drives. I purchased the first one Feb 2018 and it came with a 1250MM (approx. 4 ft) USB cable. I just purchased a second MY BOOK 4.0T drive and it came with a 1000MM (approx. 3ft) cable. I contacted WD 3 times and each time they sent me a new 1250MM, only all of them measured only 1000MM (approx. 3 ft), They claim the cables they sent to me are 1250MM. I sent them pictures of the cable, the paperwork sent with the product to show that the cable is not as stated. The answer I get is that 1000MM is within manufacturing tolerances of the 1250MM. Really 20%?.
Anyone know what is going on and can someone direct me to WD corporate?

pretty sure WD Corporate has better things to do than to deal with a trivial 0.9ft difference between cables.

maybe it’s cost cutting :wink:

Well I don’t know how trivial it is to have cables 20% (1000MM v 1250MM) shorter than they think they are. Does WD know that the cables measure 3ft instead of 4ft? One would think so, but evidently they don’t realize it. If I ran a company that contracted for cables, I sure would want to know if I am paying for 4ft cables but getting only 3ft. If they are no longer supplying 4ft cables, fine, just state that rather than sending paperwork indicating the cable is 4ft.