My Book Studio (Mac)

The drive won’t turn on. Tried another power supply, different cables, etc. No prior sign of problems.

Is there anything to do, or is it toast/paperweight?


If you put your hand on top and feel movement, go to the disk utility app and check if it is recognized there. If you don’t feel anything you have a faulty drive. 

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There was no sign of movement, or of life of any kind. I unplugged all cables and power, had a cup of coffee, and put it all together again. The drive is now working, but should I trust it?

Thanks for your suggestions. They may yet be needed…

How is the drive connected USB or Firewire?

It is No. 3 on a firewire chain, 1ozz1.

I would backup any important files just in case. :wink: You can also use the disk utility app to run a test.