My Book Studio Edition II - Update for WD Drive Manager Mac OSX (64-bit only)


I use a My Book Studio Edition II, configured as RAID 1 (mirrored) with my MacBook Pro.
Since the last update of Mac OS X (Mojave), I regularly have a message that tells me that my WD Drive Manager (32 bit app) will not work anymore with the next update of the OS (64 bits only).

Is there any update planned of the WD Drive Manager by the WD dev’ team?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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check the link

Thanks for your help, but that software is not compatible with the My Book Studio series (it does not even recognize the hardware).

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WD should be serious about it - not just redirect people who bought WD external drives to a page where the software is not compatible with older device, but first, to check whether the software is compatible, secondly - to make sure that software is still compatible. PPL bought such external drives to keep their personal back (RAID mind you), and then WD ignores them. How WD looks like when ppl see that after some years their RAID drives won’t be supported by vendor? A lil bit of responsibility guys!

If you join this community website to complain then go to the complain page. I’m here trying to help people out with some of my technical skill. If I can’t then I go to WD website to see if there any link that might able to help. You should go to Apple or some other company website and complain to them too. Like, does the new MacBook Pro with Type-C connectors allow you to connect your old Firewire device to it? Tell them why their new products can’t be use with some of the old devices.

Truly apologize, I thought it was written by WD staff - hard to distinguish if community is a real community driven by volunteers or handled by their support.

Even though I appreciate your engagement to community of WD etc, your response is also a bit too strong. If we want a company to be perceived as honest and pro-consumer, then they should support newer versions of operating systems. And, you know, I’ve got 2011 2012 macbook which is still supported by Apple and their newest macOS version i.e. Mojave, so I would appreciate WD to support it, too. Let’s think about the environment - should I dispose this excellently working drive and buy a new one? Just because WD is unwilling to provide a necessary software updates?

Regarding Apple - even if I was to use the newest of the newest macbook with Type-C only, I bet there are dongles to connect to Firewire no problem (by daisy chaining usb-c -> Thunderbold -> Firewire - correct me if I’m wrong), and still - don’t forget that, those WD drives had USB and SATA connectors. So, please don’t redirect me to Apple and their decisions. This is not the point, the point is that WD should provide software for their drives especially if one of their purpose was for back-up /RAID-0/. If they don’t want to maintain their older software they cloud open-source it and people like you and me could adjust it to the current OSX/macOS versions.

So, please, jebusx - forgive me it wasn’t personal, and WD - if anyone from WD reads that - think about their customers and the environment.

No hard feeling. Maybe you can help me out. I have an iMac 2012 still running OS 10.13.6, but it would not let me upgrade to OS 10.14. I have tried update from App store and even download the file and it still would not let update my iMac to 10.14 “Mojave”. If you know how or know a website let me know.

Does it look like your iMac not being officially supported by Mojave? On some pages I read “iMac (Late 2012 or later)” as being supported. Do you have 2012 Mid or earlier?
If this is a case (and that’s kinda surprising) I’ve done something similar on iMac very recently, but I guess that iMac was much older, maybe 2009 or so? What I did was to download Mojave DMG using my macbook then use this lil’ thingy to patch the installer and prepare installation pendrive. After installation is complete, restart your machine and CMD-R to enter Rescue mode where you need to run final patching procedure - easy-peasy :slight_smile:
But, be aware that’s gonna remove your files and some features may not work properly - you may experience problems with sleep mode or GPU, so I would suggest to install that on external drive first and see how it works for you.

BTW, the new macOS Catalina is coming this fall, here is compatibility specs (phew! mine macbook should support it still).