My Book Studio Edition II self upgrade to 6TB

I have a My Book Studio Edition II that I absolutely love with 2x1TB drives. WD came out with a newer 6TB model using the new 3TB drives and I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade my existing unit by swapping out the drives myself.

The model I have is WD20000H2Q-00.

Does anybody know if it is as simple as swapping out the drives?

Hi there, sorry to inform you that is not going to work. The only WD drive that allows for expansions is the Sharespace. The other multi-drives have a controller than only allows for drives of the original capacity inside. This was confirmed by WD on the MyBook World board.

I don’t think that’s correct with regard to the Studio, I think it may be possible to upgrade to 2x2Tb drives (reading stuff in the KB) but 2x3Tb may not be recognised by your OS if you’re using older Windows OS’s. The NAS model may be different?

Assuming the OS is not an issue. Could anyone at WDC chime in?

I doubt they will as confirming it will also confirm it’s cheaper than buying the larger models. Read the Amazon reviews of this model, many claim to have upgraded.

seeing the download page on mybook studio ii only showing same driver + firmware 

it almost obvious that mybook studio ii is always same product

but 3tb-green using advanced format isnt  ?

i wonder if previous (old mybook studio ii) case have issue with controller or not

the RAID controller on the case, might got some sort of upgrade