My Book Live with Samsung LED TV

Is it possible to stream movies from the My Book Live to a Samsung Smart TV using the Samsung AllShare application, or must Twonky be installed on a networked computer?  The AllShare application shows the My Book Live, but whenever I try to launch a movie, the file just acts like it is continually loading.

I should mention the videos are saved as HD-H.264 video mpeg-4 files.  They are typically 5-6 gb is size for a 120 minute movie.

Hi dude, the MBL will stream to any device on the network that supports SMB file sharing or media servers. If your AllShare tool is recognizing the Twonky server then it means it can play files from the MBL, however, you need to make sure Twonky has been granted permissions to allow the AllShare software to receive the media broadcast, and your TV needs to support the file that is being played.

First of all you need to be sure your tv set supports that kind of file. Just copy one file to an USB stick and try playing it directly from the tv usb. Also you have to read carefully your tvset manual because there it has to be specified exactly what type of files your tv can play.

The same file type will play from the internal hard drive of my Dell XPS via the Samsung All Share app, but when I move it to the Western Digital drive, the television responds this file type is not supported.

Hmmm, interesting.

I also have some 1080p mkv and mp4 files that couldn’t play from MBL on my Panasonic TV set. I thought that is something wrong with the files (they work just fine on my laptop with Windows 7 using WMplayer and VLC). Tonight I’ll try playing them from Windows share center and see what’s happening.