My Book Live Home Network Drive "cnid_metad[1823]: error in accept: Socket operation on non-socket"


After updating my firmware to MyBookLive 02.10.09-124 my disk would not go to sleep mode, when i looked in the /var/log

directory i sow the file daemon.log that keep groing and it recode this message through out the file

“MyBookLive cnid_metad[1823]: error in accept: Socket operation on non-socket”

Please can  you help.


Yes.  Read this discussion thread . . .

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Hi Myron

From what I have figured from rhe disscussion is that i must run “/etc/init.d/netatalk stop”

Is tthat correct?

Kind Regard Simon

If you do that you stop AppleTalk.  The remaining protocol that remains is SMB.  The soliution does not cure the problem. It shuts down the problem so the problem is still there.

The solution within the MBL is not permenent.  You can just as quickly turn on AppleTalk by using “/etc/init.d/netatalk start”.

If you’re using a MAC then some things might stop working between the MBL and any Apple manufactured devices.

There is no harm in trying.  :smiley:

Hi Myron

Thanks for the quick reply, since I dont use the twonkey or itune server  is it posible to go back to the previous firmware and how, I think it was much more stable as a samba file server.

Kind Regard Simon

I would be weary going back to a previous firmware. I’ve noticed from the update logs that one or more configuration files have also been upgraded/re-written so going back to a previous version could result in a bricked MyBook Live.

link offending log to /dev/null

ln -s /dev/null daemon.log

thus daemon.log will take 0 space on drive even if it is written too all day long.


the command shuld be  ln not ls.

Kind regard Simon

fixed thanks, typo