My Book Live and WD Sync

Hello there,

Following the changes on the web acess I found myself today on instead of the old So far, so good. But then I realized that I couldn’t map a network drive anymore. Also… WD Sync doesn’t seem to find my MBL.

Is this normal?

Thanks in advance…

Welcome to the Community.

WD Sync does not currently support the WD My Book Live, and remote access behaves differently. It’s optimized for web file viewing.

Thank you for your reply.

“Currently” meaning that might happen in the future?

Is there any way right now to map an MBL as a network drive?

I am unfortunately unaware of WD’s software development roadmap. 

You are still able map your WD My Book Live while on your local network.

When it will work???

i need access to my files via internet. i used it with but now i can’t((( why you did that???

Please make WD Sync work with My Book Live. Now that you have changed the way the app works you have removed a massive chunk of the reason for having this product in the first place and that is the ability to remote access your files !!!

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