My Book Live 3Tb is painfully slow sometimes :(

I have had my My Book Live 3Tb(NAS) for 2 months.  I love it!

I download stuff, transfer them to it and watch them through my WD TV SMP, terrific.  Very happy   :slight_smile:

No carrying around, plugging and unplugging USB flash drives.  Just download, copy to it or, in fact, just watch it direct from the download area in the computer without even copying.  So convenient.    :slight_smile:

But, recently, it (the Live 3Tb) has become painfully slow when I am downloading.  It think this is a new occurrence but I cannot swear to it.  It seemed to work before but because it worked I didn’t analyse it.

I have a below average ADSL2+ service.  My best download speed is about 800k and my worst speed is about 80k.  Early morning it is the high speed and in the evening the slow speed.  For instance, now it is 738k at 08:11.

When I am downloading at the higher speed copying to the Live 3Tb is about 90k speed and then just hangs (or appears to).  If I try to watch something from it I get the spinning arrow forever.  Once the spinning arrow stopped and I saw a few seconds of the start of the show but then the spinning arrow forever.

Copy speed with no downloading is about 11,500k, not fast but acceptable.

If I am downloading at about 270k I can watch a show off the NAS (Live 3Tb) on my WD TV SMP perfectly. (NO spinning arrows).

I seem to remember downloading at the higher speed AND copying at 11,500k a couple of weeks ago.  I THINK something has changed in the last couple of weeks?  But I haven’t changed anything , to my knowledge.   :frowning:

Is it normal for the NAS to be SO slow when downloading at 800k?

Is the modem at fault? I have a TP-Link with 4 wired ports and, I suspect, 4 wireless ports.  It is switched off (with the My Book Live) every night.  The modem is a couple of years old.  Would things improve with a new modem?

Is the My Book Live 3Tb developing a fault?  When it works it works perfectly.  Should I warranty replace the NAS?

I have copied 1.7Tb to the NAS so would hate to replace it and have to do the same again.

So I can either use the My Book Live OR download but not both at the same time.

Any suggestions?

TIA   :slight_smile:

No suggestions?  Or opinions?

I’m disappointed   :frowning:

I am not rubbishing the product.  I just want to know if this performance is to be expected.

Would I do better with another modem?

Should I warranty replace the MBL?

Mine’s slow to buddy. 

What you could try is this

#1 enable SSH

#2 log in and run top

#3 is mediacrawler or any other services sucking your CPU’z?

If yes, then disable / kill those processes and check your performance again.

Thanks for your reply    :slight_smile:

My CPU is 97% idle.  Don’t know anything about SSH, top or mediacrawler   :(     (newbie with NAS etc)    :frowning:

I am running an i7 with Windows 7 64 bit and 30Tb (or more?) of disc.

Lots of disc but no real experience on PC    :frowning:

Used to program mainframes before my retirement   :slight_smile:

Is your advice for W7 or Macs?   :smiley:

Hi Louwin,

Sorry for the late reply.

I have a Mac and it’s very, very slow. BUT, when I access it via my Windows VM it’s very fast!

Sounds like you’re running Windows, so I would say that the problem isn’t the My Book Live.

Are you running 1GB network from your desktop through to your my book live?

If you are running WIFI, it’s possible your signal strength may fluctuate which would affect speeds.

If you want to get advanced, log into your my Book live Dash Board. Then append ssh to the end of the URL. On my PC it looks like this,


Click the tick box to enable SSH.

Now you can SSH into your NAS and take a look at what it’s up to.

I suggest using PUTTY if you don’t have a client

You can then SSH into your disk. You can find the IP address within the dash board.

Accept any security certificates, the login is root / welc0me 

Once logged in, you can type top 

This will show which processes are running and how much CPU, etc is being consumed. 

I hope that helps. If you know linux you can play around with the NAS but be careful to not delete or change any configurations you aren’t sure about.

Good luck my friend.


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