My Book Full...Or so it says?

Hey there,

I have a WD 1 TB external drive that I have been using for quite a while, and it has been great. Recently, I have been getting messages saying it can’t be backed up as there is not enough space on the drive. I’m not sure why/how the drive is full. I regularly delete old backups and when I look at the Backups.backupdb there is not a lot in there (only two folders).

The one folder (the main one) has the last full backup folder, a file that says inProgress and at Latest folder with my MacintoshHD folder in it.

The second folder only has a Latest file.

Any thoughts or ideas on this and how I begin to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.



Did you copied any files manually to the drive?

Make sure that you don’t additional files on the drive.

Also, check the capacity of the drive on the disk utilities.

Hi ERmorel,

Thank you for the reply. No, I have never manually added files to the drive. This is what the capacity says in disk utility.

Capacity : 999.37 GB (999,367,335,936 Bytes)
Available : 17.83 GB (17,826,631,680 Bytes)
Used : 981.54 GB (981,540,704,256 Bytes)

I’m slowly finding out more information. This thread will give you an idea where I am at now with trying to resolve this.