My Book Essentials enclosure broke - now showing as unallocated

I have a 3tb My Book Essentials (model # WDBACW0030HBK-01) which is well past warranty coverage. The enclosure was damaged in our move so I took the drive out and put it in my probox 4 bay enclosure.
The drive shows up as an un-allocated partition in disk manager and is not visible in explorer (Win 10).
I found that there was hardware encryption on this drive and I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to get beyond that?
I tried to re-attach the board to the drive but (as mentioned above) the SS cable jack is broken.
I have sent a support email to WD - not sure I’ll get much response.

Hoping for some help :slight_smile:


Hello rightcoast_mike,

Unfortunately, My Book Essential is not a user serviceable drive and warranty has been void after removing the drives from the enclosure. Because of hardware encryption, would not be able to use drives and require enclosure of the same model to make these in use.
However, you may try to check after formatting the drives using the low-level format process and check whether the drives allowed to make partitions or not.