My Book 8TB - read only?

Win 7.
Have been using drive frequently with no problems, drive somehow got changed to read only.
Launched WD Discovery, showed disk as read only, prompted to install new driver “Paragon HSF+”.
Clicked Link to Paragon, downloaded and installed, Rebooted.
Drive is still listed as read-only in Discovery with same install driver message.
What am I missing??

Hello williamvr,

It can be due to the permission issue by Mac on the drive.

You can try the following steps mentioned below.

“Right Click” on the drive > Get Info > Sharing and Permissions > Change the Permissions to “Read & Write” for the users, admin and everyone.

If the issue still persists, it is recommended to try another Mac and check if the issue still persists on other Mac.

I have the same issue with a PC, same drive. Still not sure what it is but here’s what I’ve done.
Thinking it was like losing control as admin, I removed WD Discovery, and anti virus. Like you I tried the Paragon Software as recommended, but no difference. I was using it, got to 3.05Tb loaded and it crashed, read only from then onwards, can’t delete anything. I saw an article about resetting the read only flag in Windows and did this in a Dos box, but no difference. Downloaded WD tools, nothing useful. Disk partition tools in Windows say everything is OK, BUT windows scandisk utility will not work. I was thinking that my Windows 7 was too old, some drivers are 2006, and Windows say they are latest. No answers but I hope this saves you some time.

It’s too late for me now, as I ended up doing a format to NTFS, and regained control although I have had to reload the data. I think you are spot on. There is a new group or user called authenticated users to which this drive belongs. It has read only permission, not full control. My C drive is not a member and has no properties shown for this new group. Can only imagine new group was set up by WD Discovery, perhaps to do with Cloud sharing they mention in the blurb, although why this disk drive suddenly became incompatible with OS and read only, after source disk read failure during transfer to this drive, I can’t explain. Or why after formatting it works, despite having the possible issue with permissions.

Can only assume that WD Discovery reacted to the repeated messages “can’t read from source drive” by eventually locking me out. Nolw I have reformatted and removed Discovery, this “group setting” is no longer relevant.