WD My Book 8Tb Suddenly changed to read only

I have a WD My Book 8Tb external drive that was working perfectly. I have nearly filled it so i bought a WD Elements 8Tb drive. Yesterday when i plugged in the new external hard drive in, the WD My Book external hard drive suddenly became read only and virtually unusable as a consequence. I downloaded WD Discovery which said that it was read only. I clicked on the install driver link, which lead me to HFS+ For Windows Paragon Software, which i have installed on my local drive and restarted my machine but the My Book drive is still read only.

Any help would be appreciated as being read only, my WD My Book external hard drive, is virtually unusuable.

Hello rugbyjack2005,

Did you check the drive Permission Settings of My Book?

If not, try to check after changing the permission for My Book in Read & Write which might help to resolve this issue. You may follow the below steps to change the drive permissions:

  • Select a disk, then choose File > Get Info.
  • If the information in Sharing & Permissions isn’t visible, click the disclosure triangle.
  • If necessary, click the lock icon to unlock it, then enter an administrator name and password.
  • Click a user or group in the Name column, then choose a privilege setting from the pop-up menu.
  • Select Read & Write

Otherwise, you need to reformat the drive in compatible file format before taking the backup of important data.

I wish I could follow your directions, but how do I even get to the “File>Info”? Double Clicking on My Book which I named “2”, because this is the second one I bought, just brings up the files that I’ve put on that book. And if I right click on My Book 2, there is no “File” to get to the “Get Info”.
So could you elaborate a little more on this.
I’ve got Win 7 Pro, and My Book became just “read only” also. I’ve had it now, for about two years now, and it just did this “read only”, just all of a sudden, for no reason whatsoever! I’ve tried everything, to fix it, and it looks like I’m gonna have to find somewhere to put all the TB of stuff I have on that Book, so I can reformat it, and I’m really NOT looking forward to that at all!

My WD HD WDBBGB0080HBK-EESN 8TB My-Book was farmated under Windows 7 with exFAT.
After working few monthts OK, sudently changed to read-only.
Running Windows “Drive Check” shows no error.
Running WD “Drive Check” also shows no error.
I can’t change this to regular read/write modus.
Using DISKPART with fokus on this HD with “attributes disk clear readonly” does not help.
It still shows:
“* Datenträger 3 Online 7452 GB 0 B *”
(Free storage is steel 0 Bytes)

Using “DISKPART> detail disk” shows:
WD My Book 25EE USB Device
Datenträger-ID: “{43C33C9B-396F-4271-8B5E-F6115AEE982C}”
Typ : “USB”
Status : “Online”
Pfad : “0”
Ziel : “0”
LUN-ID : “0”
Speicherortpfad : “UNAVAILABLE”
Aktueller schreibgeschützter Zustand: Nein
Schreibgeschützt : Nein (not read-only protection)
Startdatenträger : Nein
Auslagerungsdatei-Datenträger : Nein
Ruhezustandsdatei-Datenträger : Nein
Absturzabbild-Datenträger : Nein
Clusterdatenträger : Nein
Volume 6 F 8TBwdB#f2g$ exFAT Partition 7452 GB Fehlerfrei

HD is steel read only
How may I solve this issue? Thanks