My Book 3TB HDD cannot be seen on my computer drives

I want to know why my WD 3TB My Book is not being recognized in my computer.

As i don’t plan to make this as an external drive, I decided to remove the hard drive and put it inside my chassis mounted together with my 120 GB WD SSD. I decided to remove it from the enclosure and directly connect this to my PC. Checking on the BIOS it is being detected. Both Hard Disk Sentinel and Device Manager shows that this drive exists on my computer but nowhere to be found if I look under Devices and Drives.

Can anyone explain the problem here?

WD My Books have Hardware Encryption … so if you remove it from the original enclosure you will not be able to access any of your data on it in another enclosure or connected directly to your PC.

The only way for your PC to see the drive in Windows explorer is using Windows Disk Management and delete the partition table and re-format it (losing your data) and then your PC should recognize the new blank hard drive.