My Book 3TB cable issue

Hi there,

Most of the times I need to plug and unplug the drive in order to get it recognised, in some cases it does not work even thought i get the windows sound that the drive has been connected.

Once connected, as soon as something even barely touches the cable, the drive gets disconected.

In many ocassions I had to try several times across all the USB ports in order to get it working. I’m guessing it is the cable,

Usually I use USB 3.0 ports which work flawlesly with any other device.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

I had the same issue with the MyBook 3TB Essential I bought in 2011.  It would not stay connected regardless of firmware updates or swapping to different USB3.0 ports.  Filing a Support request brought the answer to try a different cable.  As you know the cable is not a standard USB3.0 item and I could not source it locally. WDC sent me a new cable (original cost of $14.99) for free because it was a brand new drive.

So, contact support and ask for a new cable.

Hope this helps…


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If the drive is warranty contact WD they’ll probably send you a new cable.


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