My Book doesn't appear via 3.0 any more


My new Book 4TB stopped to show in my computer section after I connect it via usb 3,0 cable to the desktop workstation pc (win 7, 64 bit) it only appears when I connect it via 2,0 port

But 2 passports connected through same 3,0 works fine on workstation. also Book works OK when I connect it to the laptop.

So how can I get it working again with 3,0 port?


I would recommend installing the drivers for your WD My Book on the workstation from the Device Manager. You can download the driver again from the following link:

  Answer ID 5419 - WD SES driver download

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It could be some problem in the USB data. This explains a bit about it  My sister had a problem from connecting her cellphone to laptop and updating it and that fix straightened it out.


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Thanks for advices. I have tried to update SES driver 64 bit from link. But nothing has changed after installation.

Also in device manager it writes message that driver for wd  is up to date.

I was cleaning my PC recently from dust, unplugged all cables (including this 3,0 blue one) and reconnected a lot of cables back . Also I remember that I connected to this 3.0 cable for the first time  wacom bamboo pen & touch tablet to try it with fast port, previously I only connected it to 2,0. After I did these 2 things WD Book stopped to show.

But at least I can access it from different cable. :smiley_cat:


Being able to access your disk using a different USB cable is quite promising, and indicates the unit itself is healthy. There are times when USB cable degradation tends to be the answer.