My Book 1MB cluster size?

Hello, I recently purchased a 4TB WD My Book.

Now I’ve been loading it with stuff and I noticed that the file size vs size on disk was drastically different…so upon inspection I noticed that by default this drive is allocating 1MB per cluster so the minimum size for a file seems to be 1MB (with the exception of small MFT resident files).

[Deleted] I now have 3.5 TB of content on the drive and have lost about 30GB in space due to this configuration.

What could be the possible reason for forcing such a huge size? Even 30kb files are taking up 1mb each!!!

Isn’t the default for NTFS 4kb??? Why would you do this to me?

*Edit* Actually this is looking at the file properties when accessing the drive as an SMB share over my network, the drive is shared by a WD TV Live SMP, will that make a difference in the values reported?

Hi there, what Operating System are you using? also try to check on a different computer and try to reformat the drive to see if you get the same issue on the drive.

Windows 8.1 latest update. Reformatting is not an option unless I can source a drive to copy data too temporarily first.