My backup drive has messed up in the space of 10 minutes!

Hi, I have a 1TB ‘My Passport’ hard drive and it has around 800GB worth of files. I connected it to my Mac and tried to copy my Music folder, it wouldn’t copy then I clicked cancel but it wouldn’t cancel. I took out the hard drive and plugged it back in. This time it had a grey music folder. I tried to delete that but it froze, I took out the hard drive again.

Then my hard drive went ballistic. It wouldn’t mount on my Mac or my Windows PC. I used TransMac to try to format it to a Mac Styled Hard Drive but it failed straight away.

Then, I connected it to my Linux setup and I realised this Hard Drive no longer has a partition, a volume, and it was full of bad sectors. I have been using ‘Active Partition Recovery’ to try to find my volume and recover it but every single sector is shown as a bad sector.

On Disk Management, the hard drive is shown with ‘Unallocated 931GB’, I cannot initialise the hard drive because of an ‘I/O Error’. Other programs I used show the hard drive as a ‘Bad Disk’ with no partition, read error when trying to access the files and it now fails to show up on my Mac completely apart from the USB.

What can I do to resolve this?

Hello there,

I recommend contacting support, it appears that you have a defective drive: