External Hard Drive Won't Show Up on Mac

I was beginning to upload pictures from an SD card to my WD Passport. My Passport fell off the table and became disconnected. It was not safely unplugged and an error popped up.

I plugged it back in and it makes a noise for about 2 minutes, then stops. The light is on. It is recognized by my Mac under System Preferences >USB.

I plugged it into an old Windows laptop and it found the Passport, but one of the Drivers need installed. The Windows computer couldn’t find the driver.

I plugged it back into the Mac book and tried using the WD drive utilities and it recognizes it but won’t do anything go diagnose. It says 0 volumes.

What do I do?


Try to check if the unit appears on disk utility, if it shows up try to check if you can run first aid on the device. Also try to use a different USB cable or port on the Computer.

0 Volumes? Your WD might have lost partition due to the corruption of partition table. If the hard drive appears in the Disk Utility interface, then you can at least recover the contained data from the unit. I cannot predict if you can repair the hard drive since the fall might have damaged few components.

  1. Download Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery https://www.stellarinfo.com/data-recovery-mac.php

  2. Run Search Lost Deleted Volumes on your WD

  3. It will show up all the volumes that have existed on the WD

From the above recommendation, you will be at least able to know that the files are in recoverable condition from your troubled hard drive. Obviously, the software will ask you to register to save all files.