My 6TB wd blue initialization error

Hi to you all
I have seen that you guys helped with many problems and i thought you might help me too.
i just bought a 6 tb wd blue hdd, at first it showed the initialization window, when i tried it it showed an error window with the message initialization error.
i tried the diskpart thing and it shows that the disk is online but it shows the capacity is 0. And i tried anyway way with diskpart to clean, convert to gpt. But nothing works. It shows also capacity at 0 in the disk management window, there is no unallocated space to show just blank, nothing.
this disk is for storages only not to be used in system boot…
Thanks for any help

Never mind, solved the problem.

I’m facing the same problem with my new 6TB Blue HDD that i bought. Cannot initialize, and constant respond is that access is denied to proceed to format etc.
Could you please advise how you solved this problem ?
Thanks for your time

I have the same problem
can you share the fix method??

Hello Haron.
It seems that i made it eventually and i hope this that i did will help you too.
The SATA connection was the problem on my case. I transferred the disk inside my PC and made all arrangements (initialization, partition etc) without any problem at all. It’s a perfectly working disk now, and remains to be seen if it’ll also work inside My Book Elite device (it was always destined to replace the old 1.5TB WD Green Caviar that now has too many bad blocks).
Hope i assisted somehow.

Do you get an security request for administrator password??

No, never
PS. Eventually the disk is not performing inside My Book Elite. It seems i’ll need to transfer it inside my PC again.