My 1 TB WD10JMVM Is Not Recognized By The PC!

Hello Guys It’s been 2 Years Since I Bought This External Hard And It’s Has All My Files Photos Music And Alot Of Other things so 2 Days ago i Tried To Connect It to Send Some new Files To It But It Didn’t Got Recognized And When I connect It To The Pc the Light Switches On and Repeatedly Goes off and on and after 5 or 6 times to will stop and it will just turn on and after that 1 beep comes and nothing after that i can hear the hard is working inside and it didn’t fall or anything like that and yes i tried a lot of ways tried to find it in Device Management and in CMD and alot of other ways even tried (WD Drive Utilities/WD Security/WD SmartWare) actully i tried everything so if anyone knows anything about how to fix this i will be really much appreciate it please help me thank u…

You have tried the Device Manager, but did you try Disk Management? The storage volume could need a drive letter.

However, if the hard drive is not there either then unfortunately we may need to consider a hardware failure based on what you have tried so far. If so, then you can request a free replacement under warranty.

On the other hand, if you would like to attempt data extraction then it would be best to contact a professional data recovery service company.

thank u Trancer For Your Reply i Have Tried Disk Management And It Will Not Show Up And As For Warranty I Do Not Have it But Can i Extract date From It Without Giving It To Professional i Mean it’s a program Or A Device That Will Extract It Thanks Again For Your reply Have A nice Day…

Most data recovery applications need for the hard drive to be detected at some level. A physical failure would need a physical extraction process.