Multiple movie formats in one folder

I stream home movie videos to my television with WD TV Live media player. For a variety of reasons in some instances I have movies in two formats in one one folder. This is typically .mp4 and VOB (in a Video_TS subfolder). Question: when I watch a movie via the media player, which of the two supported formats is actually being accessed and played? thank you

Whichever file you select.

Only one file is shown, and the format is not indicated. Is this something I can change the view settings for? thank you

i guess vob is not supported, because mp4 is supported

VOB (in a Video_TS subfolder) were the only formats that I originally had and these played fine. Now that some folders have this, plus .mp4, they still play fine, but I do not know which of the two formats is being played.

I can’t remember exactly because I haven’t used the WD TV in quite a while, but while it’s playing, I seem to remember there’s an options view that will show the filename of the file that’s playing. Sorry I can’t be specific, but look around and see if you can find it.