Movie thumbnails only shown sporadically?

Bought a live hub recently, and so far happy with it. However have one issue that I cannot figure out how to solve by googling: the hub only shows thumbnails for some movies.

The thing is, it has correctly figured out what the movie is, and has generated the xml with thumbnail info and text info. The text info is displayed nicely, however the thumbnails aren’t. For around half of my movies it’s working fine, and for the other half the thumbnails are missing. When I go into the XML file to check the thumbnail image, copy the link into my browser, it shows the thumbnail just fine.

Any good ideas?? I have the most recent firmware.

in your case make sure the metathumb is in your movie folder for each movie. You can also second generate them by adding a thumb and naming the name of the movie or use thumbgen to do this. If you want to hide it from other computers just put a . in front of it example movie.iso the thumb needs to be .movie.jpg. Hope this helps and not confuses you

Also to add if the metathumbs are there then try rebuilding your media library


What is a metathumb - is that the xml file? I’ll try and rebuilding the media library. Don’t want to have to manually add thumbs to all my movies…:slight_smile: It’s just weird that the WDTV is very good at retrieving the movie info, it’s just not showing the thumbnail that it’s found.

A Metathumb is what the get content info creates when you use the hub to generate the movie info it will create 3 things on your directory A Metathumb which is the thumbnail an XML file which is the movies info and a .folder named after the movie that will have all your backdrops in it. You may not even see this folder if you have hide hidden folders for your hardrive preferences.

I am assuming, from what tm224 said here that we are talking about movies on the internal hard drive of the WDTV Live Hub.  That is the only way I know of you will see metathumb files.  If you have movies on a NAS and use thumbgen the files are different.

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Mike Westling

Anytime you use the hubs get content info it will place a metathumb wherever that movie is located whether it is on the hub a NAS on your computer.