Thumbnail Display Issue

My apologies should this have been covered elsewhere. I’m new to WDTV Live SMP.
I’m successful in obtaining the “Content Info” for a movie. In most cases, I get everything, the thumbnail, description and backdrop photos etc. - very cool. However, about 40% of the movies, I get everything EXCEPT the thumbnail - instead a blackbox w/green camera icon. It’s odd since the movie has been accurately identified. Any fix for this issue?

Look where the files (metadata / thumbnail) are saved.

Is there an associated metathumb file?   Or is the file itself absent?

If there IS a file, but still nothing displayed, then temporarily change the extension to “.jpg” on your PC and see if you can open the file with a photo viewer.

If the file is NOT there, then check the Movie Database ( and see if they actually have a cover art on file for the movie.

Hi - I can open either .metathumb or .jpg with a photo viewer and see the thumbnail without any problem.  I’m thinking this is a bug with the WDTV SMP player as my folder and file structure is identical for the ones that display the thumbnail versus the 40% that fail to display it.

Also add, using “Network Share” rather than “My Media Library”  all the thumbnails display properly. It’s only using the latter as the content source that I experience the display issue.

Try rebuilding the database.

Go to settings / system / media library / clear media library