Thumbnail issue


I’ve been using the WDTV for a few years now and never really had any issues that I couldn’t figure out myself. This morning I added a new movie for my daughter and when I went to scan the file to add the thumbnail and movie info, it didn’t work. It downloaded the metadata for the movie, but no thumbnail for the movie.

I’m using the latest firmware version and have looked through recent posts, but nothing appears to be related to the issue I’m having.

As a test, I took the same file and name it something else and scanned it and it downloaded the metadata and thumbprint without any issues.

A few things I’ve noticed. After the scan, I took a look in my movie folder. I see the MP4 file of the movie, the XML file, but no jpg. Instead of a jpg, I see a .metathumb file. None of my other movies have this metathumb file.

I even downloaded a jpg manually for the thumbnail from a link in the XML file, placed it in the folder with the same name of the movie and nothing. It just doesn’t want to take it.

Something else I noticed during my testing. I went ahead and rescanned an existing movie that was working. The scan came up with the correct movie, but a different thumbnail for the movie. After I updated it, it was displaying the new thumbnail, but when I look at the folder on the hub, it’s still the old thumbnail JPG for that movie.

Are the thumbnails being stored in a different location now? Can you force it to download and save to the same folder that the movie is in? Also, any ideas as to why this one movie I have will not display the thumbnail no matter what I try to do?

Thanks in advance.


The Hub hasn’t created Thumbnail JPGs for some time.  All thumbnails created by the Hub (and SMP, for that matter) are .metathumb files.

So if you want to use your own JPG, you need to delete the metathumb file.

That’s one heck of a quick reply there Tony.

I didn’t realize it didn’t us JPGs anymore. Any idea as to why this one movie isn’t displaying it? Could it just be something incorrect in the metathumb file? Everything else works: Description, time, backdrops, etc, it’s just the thumbnail not working. The movie in question is “Barbie A Perfect Christmas”



It’s possible…  You can also just change the extension of the metathumb file back to jpg, and then you can open it on your PC and see if it’s a good file.

Had the same issues myself.

There is no logic to it, you don’t have to edit it, just set Paint to open metathumbs. I have had it with 2 or 3, the files are fine. They are shown when selecting the meta data to download, open up in view more info, open up in paint. But hard resets, rescans, naming another jpeg to metathumb etc, just does not work.

The metadata sames to be a game of pot luck, I deleted all my moviesheets/jpgs and started from scratch a few days ago. It downloads some, then stops. I could understand this with a movie with same name and different release years, but I had to go in manually and update a good 10-20 on each drive, and a few of them were simple updates. “Jaws” for example, when you select get content info, it only ever lets you choose one.

This and foreign movie covers every now and again is a tad annoying.

Thanks for the feedback. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it for now. This never used to happen in the past.

Since the Hub no longer uses JPG files for the images, is it downloading them from the internet everytime it loads, or is it stored in a hidden folder? I’m curious because as a test I delete all the jpg files from my movie folder and the thumbnails are still showing, and I’m only seeing about 5 .metathumb files. I have about 100 movies in the folder.

Thanks again,