Mojo for the SMP. (Updated 9-29-12)

Since first posting this theme (if your keeping up), I have purchased the SMP, so to make this theme more compatible with the new firmware I’ve done some updating.

Whether you are updating or using for the first time, there are a few guide lines you need follow.  First, this theme is based off using thumbgen to create your data, so you must do so for it to look right.

Second, you must use my Cover box templates (the old ones will not look right, you must use the new ones posted here) and Moviesheets, all of which are linked below.

Third, although not required, you should set the photoslide show to “semi-static” (directions are below in green).

Fourth, if you get stuck, follow the tutorial HERE. (Thumbgen Tutorial Updated 6-26-12)

Fifth, to see which Audio and Subtitles you are changing when playing a movie, first press the OK button to pull up the playbar, then press the Subtitle button or Audio button.

To make the moviesheet semi-static. On the HUB/SMP, select Setup, then select Photo Settings. In the Photo Settings menu, select “Slideshow Transition” and set it to “Fade”, then select “Slideshow Interval Time” and set it for “5 minutes”.


Mojo Theme Download

John Carter.jpg

Thumbgen Cover Box Template Download


Mojo Glass Moviesheet 1 Download (Updated 11-23-12)

Mojo Glass Moviesheet 2 Download (Updated 11-23-12)


Thank you!  Themes as good as this one make it worth the upgrade from the Live Plus.  

Cheers Tinwarble, can drop my edited version now.


Your welcom guys.

Just so you know, there are a few things that probably want work on the SMP using this version.  But I will be updating in the next few days to try and make it more copasetic with the SMP. 

The next update will include the RSS feed icons for the Main Menu.

This is awesome thank you kindly!

It looks great.  I’ve been looking at a few screenshots of these themes for a few days, and I have a few questions.

1 - Is this easy to install?  If so, how?  An ■■■■■-proof step-by-step guide would be smashing.

2 - Are all of the functions of the WDTVLSMP exactly the same - is it just the look that’s different?

3 - How easy is it to roll back to the original theme?

4 - Do these themes make the player work any slower (or, for that matter, faster)?


Steve W

It is not working for me. First up I got an error message for something about alpha numeric characters. I changed the file name & tried to load it as a zip file & got an invalid file type message. I then renamed it to mojo.theme & still had no success. Can someone advise me?

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Thank you for porting this to the SMP.  Greatly appreciated!

Can you tell us what is not working in this release?  I’m going to try to use it tonight when I get home.

Unpack the zip from Tinwarble go dow to where all the files are contained and rezip it back up with a single word name i just called mine mojo.

I have attached the file that i used and this works perfectly.

Mojo theme



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Bump for update.

And guys, if you have any problems with the theme please let me know so I can take down the link and get things fixed as soon as possible.

I haven’t tried this, but it looks very nice.

Are moviesheets working with this?  I am trying to learn how to use Thumbgen, and am following your PDF instructions from this thread.  The Thumbgen software is able to create all the xml and jpg files, and I’m following the instructions.  

I generated all the files, renamed .png as .jpg, edited the XML to remove all the and references, replaced it with Batman.Begins.2005.720p.BluRay.x264.iNT-WPi_sheet.jpg, and it is not working.  There’s no cover or moviesheet that shows up.  The cover is a generic film reel icon instead.  

Should I be doing something differentlyl to make these tutorial instructions work on the WDTV Live Streaming?

Edit :  Changing the source with the red button from Media Server to Network Samba seemed to fix the problem!  

Now I am able to see the moviesheet background.  It is still not displaying the cover box thumbnail at all though.  All I see is a generic film reel icon, even though the background and XML meta data is showing up.  I am using the “TW No Cover Box” in the spare sheet tab, and it’s properly generating an image, but it’s not showing up on my WDTV.

Will test some more.

Attached screenshot to help diagnose the problem. IMAG0024_s.jpg

Tinwarble, excellent  job on this!  I am running this now without any problems.

Many thanks

I just installed this now, from the web interface.  Although I assume you used another place to get your box cover photos?  (the pictures with the dvd box included) 

I have the Lord Of The Rings movies also.  My Return Of The King has a different graphic, I like yours better.  Also yours have rounded corners, mine are just square. 

The movie stats are blank on that screen on the movie preview screen/view, or at least it is for me.

Mine also doesn’t display the nice partial reflection of the box art below each like yours does.

use Thumbgen

Hi guys i have a newbie question .

how do i get the file from computer to my player … I copied the file to USb attached to SMP i reads it but not sure what do from here .

I also cannot find MOJO_glass folder which is needed for the template .

thanks .

use the WDTV web interface, you can upload it from the website direct to the unit. find whatever the IP of your media player is on your network and put that in the address bar, then enter admin.

thanks for the reply … its telling me invalid file or file has to be alphanumeric … what am i doing wrong ?


As I’ve said, I don’t have the SMP, so for installation problems I can’t help.

For all the other questions reguarding Thumbgen, cover boxes, moviesheets, etc.  see the first post which has been updated.

Tinwarble wrote:

And guys, if you have any problems with the theme please let me know so I can take down the link and get things fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks for the theme Tinwarble.  I like the layout better then the default MOCHI.  The larger thumbnails are great on smaller TVs.

Installation went smoothly.  I downloaded the file, installed it through the web interface, and did a hardware restart (Setup -> System -> Device Restart).

I noticed the following non critical problems with the theme.

  • The Dashboard menu highlighting is invisible.  The menu options “Favorites” “New Items” “Queue” “Recently Viewed” are visible.  But there’s no cursor highlighting to indicate which option is being selected.

  • When a Dashboard menu item is selected, the filter options appear but clash with the background.

  • The following view has a few problems.


  1. The actual File size and type don’t appear.  It displays “File size:     File size . . .”  and “File type:     File type . . .”

2)  If the file/folder don’t have a thumbnail then it remains blank (invisible).  There’s no default icon like in the other views.  Highlighting (the play icon) works, but items remain blank.  If none of the items have a a thumbnail then the entire bottom row is black.

Thanks again for porting this to the SMP!