MKV jerky/laggy playback WD TV Play


I’m getting quite poor playback from 1080p MKV files. I use Plex on a Windows Server playing Blu-ray ripped MKV’s.

About 50% play fine and the other half are unwatchable, they are all around the same size 7-8Gb MKV with DTS sound. My Server is a quid core CPU, 16Gb Ram with solid state drive. 

DTS is decoded by my Amp which works fine but again stutters when the film does. 

I have tried this wireless (unable to get connected to N which is annoying so only G at the moment) and wired both have same problem. 

Only thing I am yet to try is watching one of the affected films locally on USB need to give that a go.

Anything I can pull from the MKV to give me some insight in to what the problem could be?

Any advice would be great.




A Wireless G connection is not recommended for High Definition playback over media servers. I would recommend testing if the file plays via USB in order to confirm if it is indeed a networking bottleneck.

Please ensure the file complies with the supported parameters of your WD TV as specified in page 146 of the User’s Manual:

Thanks for your response, yeah the wireless was my thoughts although other films work ok just half of my collection seems jerky.

I’m not overly hot on the subject of codec and media format to this level. Within a film am I correct in thinking its built like this:

Video container: MKV > Video Codec: MPEG 4

Audio Container AC3 > Audio Codec DTS

Is that kind of how the film is constructed within the MKV file?

Is there a tool that will inspect the file to give me full details of the contents?

CharlieWD wrote:


Is there a tool that will inspect the file to give me full details of the contents?


Thanks JoeySmyth that seems to be what I’m after although have to wait until I’m home tonight to test. 

I’ll just compare a film that works to one that doesn’t to see if there are any actual difference between them.