MKV files missing with WD DLNA media server

After upgrading to the latest firmware version “MyBookLive 02.43.10-048” my Sony Blue Ray player no longer can see any MKV files. The main difference I have seen with this new firmware is the media server is not Twonky, it is now WD DLNA media server. I have older versions of firmware saved and tried rolling back to anything before 02.41.05-034. However, I get an error every time “31101 - Invalid firmware package”. This is extremely frustrating as I have lost the ability to stream over 150 movies that have the MKV file extension. On a side note, I can see them on my Samsung smart TV which I could before the upgrade so nothing has changed there, just the missing MKV video files when using my Sony Blue Ray player.

Any help would be appreciated


The My Book Live can “swap” between Twonky and DLNA by installing a specific patch for each. They can swapped back and forth at any time. I have included the link to the two patches. Just download the one you need or download both. That way you can swap back if needed. Click on the instructions for the first link “Windows 8 - Switching between TwonkyMedia and WD’s DLNA Media Server”. This is only for the My Book Live. The patches will NOT work on the My Book Live Duo.

Thank you for the quick response Timothy. I tried this patch and it is not compatible due to the conditions stated in bullet 2 below it gave me an error since mine looked just like the photo below. I then tried to roll back to ver 02.32.05-046 which is the version just before ver 02.41.05-034 which offer the WD media server. Every time I tried to roll back the ver from what I was currently running ver 02.43.10 – 048 I got an error last night. I even tried several other older versions as well to no avail. This morning, however, I checked the version on my MBL and it was blank so I decided to give that patch another shot and it worked this time. My best guess is that even though my attempts to roll back the version gave an error somehow it must have worked. After the patch was successful my MBL ver shows 02.11.09-053. I tested the Twonky Media Server out and now my Sony blue ray player can see all the MKV files again.

Another question for you, if I upgrade to the most current version will I again lose the Twonky Media Server or will the patch keep it there?


Supported My Book Live Firmware:
The patches to switch Media Servers will only work if the following conditions are met:
* The My Book Live already has Twonky Media Server.
* Is running firmware version 02.41.05-034 and later.
Go to the Media tab in the My Book Live’s dashboard, and if it displays like the image below, then the patches will not work.