WD DLNA server MKV not play (firmware 02.43.03–022)

I bougth my book live on 22 october 2013 on Amazon.it

After setup it ask me to update firmware, ok now it’s 02.43.03 – 022.

All mkv files (10 random sample of 100) that I’m tring to see doesn’t work on all device except PC (Windows Media Player).

Clients show me file stream has errors. What?!

Device are:

  • Philips Blu Ray Player BDP7500S2 - mkv files are not listed, they are present (and work like a charm) if on USB key is attached direct to player and in any other twonkey media server 7.2 (PC or on my old custom MyBookWorld).
  • S4 Mini
  1. with BubbleUPnP app lists them but goes in error when I try to play one of them.
  2. with Twonky Beam app lists them but goes in error when I try to play one of them.

I run WD DLNA server.

How are the MKV files encoded? Maybe the bitrate or codec are beyond the WD server/

MKV are played by Windows Media Player.

My philips play correct same MKV streamed from my old My Book World patched with Twonky Media Server 7.2.

The problem is not in the MKV (and not in all 100 files!!)

Hi, i had a similiar problem with my philips blu-ray-player: see this topic: http://community.wd.com/t5/My-Book-Live/No-MKV-Files-available-at-my-Philips-BDP5500-but-on-other-dlna/td-p/608329 the only solution for me was to install the twonky server on the MLB. bye

YES! I’ve done yesterday after reply, but honestly I’m hoping to save money for the Twonky Server 7 license !

All MyBook** MUST be cost 20$ less than actual price!