MioNet Web

Hello everyone , sorry for my English (:, but I am Italian.
Seeking a solution, a clarification to the problem you describe now.
For more than a year I bought a MBWE I, with the 'idea sooner or later to use remote access.

Well I followed the instructions and create MioNet account, go into MioNet Web, it asks me to name the device, and this far okay.

Curious, recovery from the Web page of the MBWE MioNet, and MioNet Web back in requires me to name the device as I imagined, but … I can not even rename it the same as found in the old Off Line device name with the old folders!

But if I want to clean the MioNet Web folders from the old / previous names MBWE and what to do, create a new account?

It 'a week I try every solution, to move almost a TB of files to format the NAS, but nothing …

If you can help me, I need to sleep :slight_smile:

    Thank you, Andrea

Your case seems a little bit complicated, I suggest you to post it in the Italian Forum, so you may be able to give more details in your native language.

WD Forum Italiano:  http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-Forum-Italiano/ct-p/it_forum

You have to install MioNet on a Windows computer to remove the old My Book World entries. Once they’re removed, you can add the My Book World with the old name.