Device names chaos in Network

I have bought a new laptop, and this WD thing called My Cloud Home.
I have a problem with the name of the device:
During setup I made a typo in my user name: Le instead of Leo.

  • In WD Discovery the device name now is “Le’s My Cloud Home”. Why? It’s MY network, I know it’s MY device, so Le’s is redundant.
  • I see no reference to WD, which would be useful.
  • A reference to Cloud makes me think of Google Drive, MS Onedrive or Dropbox, so this name is ill chosen.
  • I se no way to change the name and correct my name or the whole name.

When I approached the device via the Webbrouwser, I could change the name to HD_Ext_Disk, which makes sense in my network.

I have 3 computers in my Network. On two of the three computers involved the computer’s name occurred twice in the list of connected computers:

  • One (CAPITALISED), displayed the users folders, as one would expect.
  • The second (Normal Capitalisation) displaying a folder My Cloudxxxxx (xxxx = Long random string, different on each computer) containing a folder “Familie”.
  • There is also a machine called MYCLOUD-XZU2CD, showing a folder “Public” (empty).

In my view this is a design flaw. Can somebody confirm that this chaos is as built?

I hope someone can tell me that I made a mistake when setting up. My Question: WHAT???, and HOW TO CORRECT???

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  • Name Change - Login to and change the name of your My Cloud Home to whatever you want then Sign out of WD Discovery and Sign Back in
  • Computers Name and Storage Locations - the super long name is the Windows Network Mounted drive for the My Cloud Home. The short name of MyCloud-XXXXXX/Public is Windows Samba

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Well, I got the name changed, thank you. And I’ll need to use the public part to access via the web, but that’s not the biggest problem.

How did you change the super long name (i.e. the Windows Network Mounted drive for the My Cloud Home with a short name of MyCloud-XXXXXX/ where XXXXXX is the last 6 digits of the serial number of my drive)?