Mini Media Player won't play MP4 files

Hi, my Mini Media Player won’t play MP4 files.  They will however play on my friend’s WD Media Player which isn’t a Mini.  Please help…

Try this it worked for me. Download the program handbrake (its freeware.) Follow these instructions. 1. Select your source 2. Input your destination 3. For Output settings select mp4 4. On the Presets window over to your right hand side, select Normal 5. Under the tab Video, select video codec MPEG-4 6. Select Framerate (FPS) then click on dropdown menu then select 29.97 7. Click on the Start button 8. Once its finished, you can transfer your file to your portable drive and it should work. Hope that helps.

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Thanks so much.  I’ll try it tonight.

G’day. I experienced the same thing. I went back **bleep** Smith for an explanation for this. Got a lesson in file formats and how they have there own groupings. Check out the manual for more on this. I had converted my DVD movies to Mpeg2 and then to Mpeg4, to further reduce (compress) files. Anyways the mini player cost $48 , wasn’t prepared to spend time reverting to Mpeg2 so spent $168 for the WD HD player.