Metadata questions

  1. I have both wdtvhubgen and WDTV Live generated metadata (xml files) in the movie folder. Which one does it use? I’ll assume the one it created when I set GET CONTENT INFO to Auto. Then I turned that feature off but I actually like it better isnce it didn’t fetch megabytes worth of images like wdtvhubgen did.

  2. I’m not happy with the autogenerated Genre categories and the genre given to many of the movies. I want Animation movies to have a Genre of Animation, not Adventure or Action. Anyway, I need a metadata editing app that will allow me to select a bunch of meta files and set them to “Animation” etc. Does such a beast exist?




As recommendation, try asking one of the guys on the themes board. Like JoeySmyth

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  1. The device will read the xml ccorresponding to the movie name.

So, you can have a movie folder with mixed generated xml’s


Batman Begins.mkv

Batman Begins.xml   (created with wdtvhubgen)

The Dark Knight.mkv

The Dark Kinght.xml  (created with WDTV scraper)

  1. Use a xml meta batch replacement tool  eg.

Google for more…