Media Library - Audio Albums Split into Multiple Albums

I am new to owning the Hub Live but wanted to see if anyone knew what I may be doing incorrectly to cause my issue.

I am ripping my over 1000 CD collection to album folders using the .flac format. Once the album is ripped on my local PC I copy it across my network to a folder named Audio on the Hub Live.

I have done so with about 150 albums so far.

For some reason, the media Library when compiling has taken 24-25 of the albums and created two albums in the library. Each album has different tracks from the original and none of the tracks are duplicated. If there was a way to combine the two media library albums they would contain a full set of the original album tracks.

I hope my description makes sense.

When I look at the Audio folder under “Files” in the Hub there are no album duplications and if I play a folder all of the tracks are there.

Yes… I have deleted the folder from the Hub and recopied it from my PC and yes, I have done a hard reset on the Hub to re-compile.

Any suggestions as to what my issue is and a solution?

Forgive the newbieness… recompiled again and all is fine.

Sorry for the bandwidth.