Duplicate music

I have scanned my NAS for duplicate files using multiple methods including the tags. On a lot of albums I’m seeing tracks listed twice in the UI, but only have one copy of the file.

Any ideas?


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On list view or library view?

In Album view, I open an album and there are duplicates listed. I’ve removed the duplicates from the file system on the NAS but the WD still sees them. Its weird!

Update - I’ve used some scripts to clear all “dead tracks” out of my itunes libraries (which point at the NAS) and re-booted the WD TV Hub to refresh the library but this hasn’t removed the 2 or 3 versions of the same track that I see on screen.

When I search the file system for any of the reported duplicates I only find 1 instance of the file.

Still looking for an answer to this if there is one?


Are you using your HUB to access the NAS via DLNA or SMB?  (Media Share versus Network Share)

If you’re using DLNA, you need to make sure the *NAS* updates its database, too.

If you’re using SMB, you may need to fully clear the media library on the Hub.

I’m using Network share (only way I can “Get Info” for movies etc). How do I clear the media library on the hub?


Found it in set up. Thx.

I’ve done that and I’ve still got duplicate files. Anyone got any other ideas please?



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