MBLD Date cannot be set beyond 2020

The date on my WD My Book Live Duo (MyBookLiveDuo 02.43.10-048 : Core F/W) cannot be set beyond December 2020. Are there any fixes?


This worked for me.

1.- Select your time zone
2.- Add “time.google.com” to Primary NTP Server. (Not mandatory)
2.- Check mark on “Enable” in NTP Service:

That´s it.

Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.
For quite some time I have been using “0.au.pool.ntp.org”. What I do find with the WD MBLD, is that it only does a date and time check on boot-up so the date has a tendency to drift with time unless regularly rebooted. Also, if the router is rebooted at the same time as the NAS there is often a chance that the NAS boots faster than the re-establishment of the internet connection so it does not reset its time correctly. Occasionally, in situations like this, I have manually reset the time then switch back to internet time. It has only just become obvious with the change from 2020 to 2021 that WD in their wisdom have decided that these drives were never expected to last beyond 2020 as they have limited the maximum year to 2020. Another annoying thing with the internet time setting on the MBWD are the default time servers that cannot be changed, especially “time.windows.com” that has never worked and I would have removed if I could. The older variant of the MBLD, the My Book World is a much better quality unit, more reliable, more responsive and yes you can set the time and date well beyond into the future. Pity WD went backward with the MBLD. I have been totally disappointed in the MBLD from day one, to the point that in 2014 I replaced it with a non WD NAS for my primary backup and the MBLD became a general purpose network drive. However, its general slow response time has often driven me to despair. According to a communication I had with WD, if and when the WD Green drives in the MBW and MBLD die there are no available replacements. If that is true then they are for the bin when that happens.