WD My Book Live - Date limlited to 2020-12-31

The date on my “My Book Live 3TB” won’t go past year 2020. WD support replies " We regret to inform you, support for My Book Live (WMC1T0760904) has ended and is no longer available per WD Product Software Support Status", which is not the kind of support you would expect from WD at all.

Does anyone know how to modify the date after 2020? NTP service sets to 2021-03-12 when selected.

I have mine set to use NTP for the time/date and have never come across an issue using this method. Matter of fact I didn’t know, until now, you could not set the date manually beyond 2020. I don’t think you need to worry as long as NTP handles it.

NTP should handle it, but when activated, it sets to 2021/03/12, not later. and then it starts counting. I activated NTP 4 days ago, so right now the click shows 2020/03/16, which is 11 days behind. No way to get it corrected.

Well mine works fine…wonder if it has something to do with the NTP server you use.

Here’s a screen cap of my settings…hope it helps.

Consider yourself lucky and do not change the settings. I even tried to add an additionnal NTP server with no luck.