MBLD 4TB OS maybe corrupted

So will make this short. Was trying to shutdown the NAS, and instead of shutting down it wanted to do a firmware upgrade. I waited about 1h30 mins nothing happend. (I have 2 6TB MBLD and they took about 30 mins)

Nothing was happening so I unplugged the ethernet as in the manual and waited. 1 hour later nothing happend. So I unplugged the NAS and plugged back in.

I get the Blue and Yellow lights only.

Power On -  Blue - Solid - Displays when you first apply power to the unit.
Boot - Yellow - Solid - Drive has begun loading the Operating System (OS).

The NAS will stay on the yellow for about 10 mins before rebooting. I found another post that sort of helped but need to know what would you guys do.

Won’t let me post the link of this forum. Look for “I’ve messed up, please help me revive MBLD = from Hardy

“EVERYTHING is stored on those drives;  the OS, the GUI, everything.”

The Unit works because I swaped out drives with one of my 6TB, worked fine. So I am 100% sure it the drive.

So my questions,

Do I return just the drives ?

To I have to bring back the Whole unit to the store?

Can’t do a RMA with WD as I have a status of “OUT OF REGION” so i think I am forced to go to the store.

Any other idea’s would help. thanks

Hi, the firmware update wont start until you select that option. I would call tech support to see what replacement options you have. 


Do you still have SSH access?

This some how did do a automatic firmware update.

All i was doing was shutting down the system. Got the pop up like " system is shutting down, you can close window" had been waiting for about 20 mins, didn’t shutdown. Logged on the IP and said firmware in progress.

So not sure. Tomorrow I am taking it back to the store to either get a replacement Unit, or get 2 new drives with the OS system install.

Just so anyone who comes around this problem. I only (may have ) sloved the problem by taking it back to the store.