Making external storage available as file share

I can mount the Hub 1TB internal disk as a file share on my Windows desktop as [\wdtvhub\wdtvhub](file://%5C%5Cwdtvhub%5Cwdtvhub), but the external 2TB USB drive is not available for mounting.

Is it possible to mount the external usb drive from the Hub?

Yes, it should be something like




I have slightly different experience.

I have the hub with the IP address (let say): \\

The Hub is accessible under: \\WDTVLiveHub

If I connect USB drive with volume label “Movies” on either of USB ports then I can acces it under: \\Movies

Thanks all. I got it.

The external drive was shared under its volume name.

IE: [\wdtvlivehub\my_book](file://%5C%5Cwdtvlivehub%5Cmy_book)