Discovering external HDD at PC location

Can someone pls give step by step instructions on how to get my Hub to recognize external HDD on my PC.  I want to stream some video from it, if possible.  Thanks.

I do this off a windows7 box that has an external USB drive. You just need to share either the drive or a folder on the drive the same way you would for sharing on that is on the internal drive on that machine. For the sake if brevity, Ill assume you already now how to share local directories. If not, there are lots of posts on this board about sharing folders / directories on different OS and Windows Versions.

For me, the easiest way is to setup permission with the group “everyone” having full privledges to the share. As my netowork is internal to my house and firewalled off from the NET, I am pretty comfortable with that. I am sure that a lot of people would tell you to have it user passworded wich is obviously another way to go.