External drive

is it possible to drag/drop files into the external hard drive connected to the hub like you can drag/drop files into the HUB’s internal drive? if so how?

I mean, can you drag/drop files into the External Hard Drive that’s connected to the HUB wirelessly from you’re PC?

I have the HUB wirelessly connected to my PC over my LAN, Which enables me to drag/drop files from my PC to the HUB’s internal hard drive and they transfer over my wireless LAN. I just Connected a 2TB External Hard Drive to the HUB. Is the only way to Transfer files onto the USB drive by directly connecting it to my PC? or can i wirelessly transfer files onto it like i do the hub?

Furthermore: When i bring up my USB drive by ‘All Local Content’ which shows the Internal Drive AND my External Drive, it doesn’t show my Metadata on the External Drive, The only Way it shows my Metadata on the External Drive is when i go into ‘local storage’ to ONLY show my external drive, and not the internal, if i show them both simaltaneously i lose my metadata on the external drive… any ideas?

The external drive is shared from the hub, just as the internal drive is. But shared separately. So you mount/map the a new network drive from your PC to whatever name you gave the external drive.

When you select “All Local Storage” as your source, they will all show up in the catalog eventually, and will all have metadata (as you assign it with Get Info).

I have 2 external drives attached to the Hub, and all three drives (2 ext and one Int) shows as a combined set in the “All Local Storage”.

Okay, so how do i go about adding the external drive to my network map? When i view my network map it shows:

PC-> Switch -> Switch -> WD TV LIVE HUB -> Internet

doesn’t show my external drive at all, and i can’t seem to bring up anywhere that shows my external drive is connected to my hub from my pc…

Okay i figured it out… For anyone else who had this issue:

You can map the external drive so that it shows as a folder within my computer by using the 'WD Discovery application and clicking on map network drives automatically"

This will bring up the External Drive connected to the Hub and allow you to choose a letter for the external drive (X:, Y:) Etc…

allowing you to transfer files from your PC wirelessly to your external Hard drive that’s connected to your HUB