Machine freezing after installing SN850X

I recently upgraded my rig with +16GB RAM and the WD SN850X 2TB. Soon after, the machine started freezing up. It would start by the mouse pointer moving real slow / skipping, before completely stopping. I’ve force-rebooted around 45 times now. Since I’d installed new RAM, a new SSD, and new GPU drivers, I have spent hours and hours over 3 days trying to debug this issue. I’ve deleted my user profile, all data on the SSD, ran multiple tests on RAM and the SSD, reformatted the drive, removed and reinstalled the drive, the RAM, and more, before narrowing down the issue to the WD SSD. This has been extremely frustrating to say the least, notwithstanding all the time I’ve spent behind debugging what’s supposedly a top-of-the-range product. I went to create an RMA per the suggestion from support, and I see that I need to pay for shipping as well! I guess I’m spoilt by Amazon returns, but I don’t see why a customer needs to be responsible for cleaning up WD’s mess. I’m going to talk to support tomorrow to figure out options, but I just wanted to share yet another SN850X FAIL and see if folks had any tips for me.

Hi @doniv,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Yes, I did, and I’ve got a replacement on the way. I didn’t need to create an RMA since it’s in the 30-day purchase window, so that was a relief.

For what its worth, I recently bought a Samsung 870 Evo Plus and experienced similar issues to what you report. What fixed that for me was to install drivers from Samsung rather than to rely on the default provided by Microsoft. Once I did this, all the problems with Windows freezing disappeared entirely, so I still feel confident in the drive and see no reason to return it. This unfortunately, is not the case with the WD SN570 I bought at the same time as the Samsung but for a difference purpose (external storage as opposed to being a boot device). Windows has detected a problem on my SN5750 after only a couple of weeks of use, so I have lost confidence in it and will most likely return to Amazon for a full refund.

So, I assume that you could apply this to your SSD and make sure the lastes WD drivers are installed.